Nipple Play Nipple Bulb - Purple

Nipple Play Nipple Bulb - Purple

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Let your Nipples Rise to the Occasion with the NIPPLE BULB, a gentle little suction device for enhancing and raising your nipples! Just apply to the nipple and squeeze for light, comfortable suction! To use the erection "O" rings, slip ring on the vacuum tube before suction begins. Then, slide off tube onto erect nipple! The NIPPLE BULB comes complete with 4 Nipple Erection Rings!!!

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Was Hopeful

My nipples were too big. Only half the nipple would barely enter the glass therefore I couldnt get the bands on. :( I was really looking forward to this toy.

Anonymous - March 15 2016

nipple bulb

Wife's nipples look bad ass with ring on them they look like they can poke an eye out.

Anonymous - July 20 2015

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